Monday, April 1, 2013

Fit Test

Today was day #1 of Insanity and all I had to do was the 26 minute fit test.

What I learned is that I am not very fit and all.

The fit test is only eight moves to give you a benchmark of the progress you'll make during the 60 day program.  There was a lot of jumping, kicking, and sweating.  You do one move for one minute straight and count how many you can do.

I was about average on some moves, and poor on others.  I'm almost excited to see how much I can improve over the next 15 (when the next fit test is scheduled).

According to the nutrition guide, I have to consume 1900 calories to lose one lb a week.  I didn't track my calories today (which is bad, I know) but I'm going to be strict from now on.  I don't have an excuse for eating as poorly as I have- I've just gotten lazy.

I can't wait to sweat and burn calories!