Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Why

How sad is it that a man, only 51 years of age, dies from a massive heart attack while on vacation with his 13 year old son?

After hearing about James Gandolfini's passing yesterday, I felt so sorry for his children.  In addition to his son, he's survived by an eight month old daughter.

It's just heartbreaking because maybe this could have been prevented.

I'm the daughter of a man who's been obese my entire life.  I've watched my dad go through heart attacks, diabetes, open heart surgery, and loss of his toes.  He's let his poor diet and lack of exercise lead us all on an emotional roller coaster I'd rather not be on.

Losing weight has superficial benefits, no doubt.  Sure, it makes me feel good to get more attention from the oposite sex.  It's nice to get compliments from people I know who "can't get over how good I look."  It's an ego booster to be able to shop in stores I never could when I was heavier.

It's not my "why" though.

It's about being around to watch my children grow up and experience life.  I need to be a good role model for them for when they have children of their own.  It's just about experiencing life with them for as long as I can without my own health being the reason I can't.

If you ever struggle with your own "why," think of your family and loved ones.   It can't be the main reason you make positive changes, but they are definitely a very close second.

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