Monday, June 17, 2013


After my last post, I was asked why I didn't like Insanity.  

I spent some time thinking about it.   It is a great work out program that delivers results- no doubt about that.  I've seen it transform people.

Insanity is 45 minutes or more of crazy, constant cardio.  There were no breaks, no real recovery, and as it turns out, I'm a wimp.

Every work just overwhelmed me- pushed me to my absolute limit.  I felt like my heart was going to beat right out of my chest sometimes.  More than once, I felt my muscles turn to mush and I had to stop and take a break.

I hate feeling like that.  I had no desire to do the work outs.

That being said, I might consider giving it a try again here and there.  Now I know what to expect and perhaps I can better psych myself up for it.  It was a format I did really like:  (crazy) warm up, stretch, and work out.  The stretch was such a nice break from the warm up before the insane work out.  

Turns out Insanity is aptly named!

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